Agro Block & Homefarm

Plant Boxes from recycled materials

Become self-sufficient with Homefarm!

Homefarm has many advantages when compared to other self watering plant boxes:

  • Thinner walls and contains more water. You need to water less often.
  • Good for the environment - we use recycled plastic. When you are done using Homefarm, it can be recycled again.
  • It has a hard and impervious surface, so that roots cannot grow through the box.
  • When the season is over, the Homefarm is easy to clean due to its smooth surface.
  • Homefarm is produced in Denmark/EU and does not require transportation around the globe.


Watch the video to learn how to plant in a Homefarm capillary box (in Danish).


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It is easy to use Homefarm

The official Homefarm site

Visit the official Homefarm product site (in Danish)

Grow your own food with Homefarm!

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Technical information

Homefarm is 80 x 40 x 27 cm and contains approximately 48 liters of water. Under normal conditions the water will last for two to three weeks. Homefarm is well suited for growing anything from tomatoes, cucumbers and chili. Homefarm can also be used as a regular flower pot with room for three flowers.
Homefarm with tomato plants

Use Homefarm as a flower planter box

Homefarm is also great for flowers. Simply remove the lid and use Homefarm as a regular flower planter box.


How easily can you clean Homefarm?

Since Homefarm has a smooth surface, it is easy to clean using the water hose or a wet cloth.

How much water can Homefarm contain?

Since the box has thin but strong walls, it can hold more water. We have calculated the volume to 60 liters. In practice, no more than 20 cm of water will be filled at Homefarm, giving a volume of 49 liters. If we assume that the soil in the plant pipes displaces some water, Homefarm will hold 46.5 liters of water.

What kind of plastic is Homefarm made from?

Homefarm is made from recycled plastic collected in Denmark. The plastic type is PP and PE, which are hard and durable plastic types. You know the type of plastic from food containers.

Is the Homefarm suitable for food?

Many people are thinking about whether plastic can release dangerous substances. Since Homefarm is not in direct contact with food, it is not necessary to label it with the "glass and fork" symbol. It is nevertheless marked in terms of traceability regarding manufacturer, production batch and material used. We continuously work to ensure that all materials used in HOMEFARM are of the highest quality.

Will the water inside the Homefarm get hot?

You could think that the water would get hot, and therefore the temperature of the water in a Homefarm has been measured over a period against a box of flamingo. The result was that there is no measurable temperature difference. We think this is because Homefarm can easily get rid of the heat due to the thin walls.