Eco-Friendly Plant Boxes

Become self-sufficient this summer with Homefarm!

Homefarm has many advantages when compared to other self watering plant boxes:

  • Thinner walls and contains more water. You need to water less often.
  • Good for the environment – we use recycled plastic. When you are done using Homefarm, it can be recycled again.
  • It has a hard and impervious surface, so that roots cannot grow through the box.
  • When the season is over, the Homefarm is easy to clean due to its smooth surface.
  • Homefarm is produced in Denmark/EU and does not require transportation around the globe.
  • There are bushings at the bottom so you can mount wheels if you want a movable plant box.


NEWS! Add wheels to your Homefarm:

Buy Homefarm on-line at these stores:

frishop.dkZinkbakken.dkbyghjemme.dkHomeshop.dkBjarne’s frø og planter

And in physical stores in Denmark:

BilkaPlantoramaHome & GardenBo Grønt


It is easy to use Homefarm

Grow your own food with Homefarm!