Agro Block & Homefarm

Plant Boxes from recycled materials

The material in Agro Block® is 100% recycled and can be recycled again. Agro Block is a good alternative to classic plant boxes as it does not consume natural resources.

The great thing about Agro Block® is that you can build virtually any structure and create something unique that suits your garden.

The stackable Agro Block plant boxes are suitable for:

  • Window Boxes
  • Urban Gardening
  • Raised Beds
  • Green Walls

On your:

  • Balcony,
  • Rooftop or
  • Garden.

Create your own special place.

With Agro Block you can build and plant as you like.
Garden corner tray Agro Block and chair

Two Agro block make an interesting plant box.

Two Agro Block with flowers decorative

Additional information

Agro Block is 80 x 40 x 20 cm.